Living Seasonally: Summer Rhythms, Activities & Food


Summer is here y’all! I’ve got to say that one of my favorite things about life are the seasons. I love and anticipate each new season with joy and excitement because seasons changing means new life rhythms, different wardrobes, unique upcoming holidays and activities and also seasonal food.

Summer is a life rhythm for Matt and I where we get to slow down. Our work slows down and so we get some space to stop. To rest and reflect. (Yes, we do keep working, but still, it’s definitely slower). Some of this space has allowed us to go to the Dominican Republic with some of our friends for a destination wedding. It has also allowed us to get back into working out and to start thinking about some projects around the house that we’d like to get done. I love the space summer allows for things like these. 

The season of summer not only ushers us into a new wardrobe but actually demands it with us living in the “kind-of” south, where 92 degrees is the norm. And who doesn’t love summer’s holidays? 4th of July being the creme de la creme. What I hope though, is that we’re able to take advantage of summer’s activities. The seasonal things that one only gets to do because its summer. Matt and my top 5 are:

  1. The beach – give me a good book and a towel, and I’ll stay out there all day, much to my fair skin’s  chagrine.
  2. Outdoor movies, concerts, etc – there are so many free outdoor activities to take advantage of! If you live in Nova, Mosaic District is our go-to. 
  3. Alfresco dining – we try to grill out as much as we can. So far, we’ve grilled elvis burgers and Margherita pizza
  4. A trip to the amusement parkBusch Gardens is our top choice because it has great rides and some pretty yummy food as well. 
  5. Backyard parties – I’m so itching to host an outdoor movie night or a supper club or even a s’mores party in the near future!

If all of this wasn’t enough, summer’s seasonal food gets me so excited. It’s interesting though because with our countries’ use of GMO’s and other chemicals, we are enabled to have all the vegetables and fruit that we want, all year long, rather than having to wait for certain produce until it’s in season. 

Matt and I gave up GMOs a little over 3 years ago and so we tend to eat a bit more seasonally these days, because honestly, food tastes so much better when it is actually in season. I mean, have you ever tried to have corn in the winter? You can’t find it fresh anywhere and although canned corn is decent, frozen corn is just terrible. But, fresh corn in the summer? Cooked on the grill and charred with butter? Soo good. It was meant to be eaten in season. 

So, a few of our summer seasonal foods that we’re looking forward to are:

  1. Berries – pick a kind, any kind. I hope to make some sort of berry pie this summer.
  2. Peaches – eaten solo, or with whipped cream or in cobbler, yes please.
  3. Green beans – believe it or not this is a summer vegetable. And maybe my favorite, especially with a hint of lemon.
  4. Zucchini – I really want to try making zucchini noodles as a pasta substitute this summer
  5. Corn on the Cobb, on the grill – obviously.
  6. Tomatoes – just like peaches, I’ll eat them solo (with s&p of course), in a sandwich, as a salad or in a pie.
  7. Seafood – now I know that this isn’t exactly a summer thing, but seafood tastes so much better fresh and preferably at the beach. 
  8. Watermelon – I’m really into watermelon salads right now and excited to try making some watermelon sorbet this summer.
  9. Herbs – basil and cilantro are native summer herbs and I think an herb used well can be a dish game changer.
  10. Low country boil – I know, not a fruit or a vegetable. But, at least one of these must be had in order for it to truly feel like summer in my book. 

This summer, I hope to live seasonally. Not just in the holidays or the wardrobe, but with activities and rhythms and food. And I hope you’ll try it too. 

What do you love about the summer season?


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