Where we left off

Hey there, little blog! It’s been a good six months since I’ve come around these parts and it feels nice to be back.  When I wrote my last post, we had just had a miscarriage and I didn’t feel like writing much. It was quite hard on Matt and I and still feels hard when […]

Our Lately in Half-Sentences + Pictures

Our lately in half-sentences and pictures: I baked my weight in Christmas cookies and thoroughly enjoyed a bunch while managing to save a few for the neighbors. We threw an ornament exchange mix n mingle party complete with Christmas festive attire and h’ourdeurves. I think we get a “congratulations on being adults” sticker now, right? […]

Christmas Movies Must See

A McCrory Christmas Movies “Must-See” List

I’m sitting by my iPad-operated fireplace that provides the sights and sounds of a cozy fire minus all the lovely warmth and smell that goes along with it. Such is town-home life without a fireplace, but nonetheless, I’m very grateful to have a town-home that we get to call ours. Maybe next year we’ll get one of those […]

A 2016 Christmas Must-Do List

Christmas is always the time of year where I have such high hopes and ambitions for ALL the activities that we will do. And then, somehow, I look at the calendar and it’s already December 15th and my Christmas activities list is none-the-shorter. As I look back on last year’s Christmas must-do, I’ve decided some […]