Our Pineapple on a Fence Post

I mentioned in my post here that sea captains would return from sailing the Carribeans and put pineapples on their fence posts outside their homes to let friends know they were back and ready for good food, good stories and great company. Not even one month ago, Matt and I moved into our very own tome home after living two years in my in-laws basement. You could say that we have put up our pineapple on the fence post and it is there to stay.

We’ve only actually lived in our new home for two weeks since we were away at camp with our students for half the time we’ve owned it, but this little place has been a revolving door of people visiting and even needing places to stay and that’s exactly how we like it. You see, owning a home in Northern Virginia is quite the budget-feat, and when you are two InterVarsity staff on missionary salaries living in one of the most expensive counties in the U.S. the numbers just don’t add up to home ownership. Basement living for two years helped a ton but it was really a joint effort that has enabled us to call this place home. We’ve have been given much and we want this place to be a continuous pineapple on a fence post for those who need it–a place to rest or stay, to swap stories and eat good food.

The pictures above are some of my favorite places in the house. You’ll notice this isn’t the typical DIY Home Post that looks like Pottery Barn–don’t get me wrong, I actually love our furniture and the way everything looks  **almost everything we have we either received for free, picked up off the side of the road or got off craigslist–again, for us, these pictures of our home are real life. You could probably walk in any day of the week and it would still look like this. Not sure what that tells you about my need for cleanliness or organized chaos if you will, but we love it just the same. I figure we’ll spend many years fixing and adjusting things to just the way we like them, while knowing we are beyond blessed by the Lord’s provision for us.

I thought about dubbing this post a “sneak peak” into our home, but let’s be honest, sneak peak is now just about as overused as the word adventure ((that coming from the girl who used to have a husband-wife blog called the Mccrory adventures, so call the kettle black if you want)) but when you’re posting something for all of the internet to see it’s not really a sneak peak anymore, is it? So I hope you enjoy seeing an open-wide front door view of our pineapple on a fence post. 😉 Next time you’re in Fairfax, make sure you stop by!

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