Monday Minute View from a Garden Party

Mondays always seem to need that extra umph of inspiration so today we’re reminiscing about the cutest garden party & gender reveal we attended last night in RVA. Summer is all about enjoying the beautiful weather and taking advantage of the extra daylight thus an evening garden party is in my opinion, the best way to do both. So now that you’re dreaming about alfresco dining and long evening walks outside, here’s a Monday minute view of our week ahead:

An uneventful week of no traveling ((which feels nice & restful after Michigan, a visit from family & RVA))
Caulking our showers now that we’ve fixed our gutter-drainage situation #canyousayhomeownership?
Nightly walks outside to enjoy the cooler summer air & relive our lightning bug catching days
Making allll the homemade meals after a week long trial of Hello Fresh, which was half worth it with the discount, but no where near worth full price.
Work days sprinkled with seminary reading, planning and partner development–thank you Lord for a slower pace of work and life over the next few months
Trying to savor every day as it seems summer is just flying by
A few girl’s nights because every couple needs time together and time apart
An ambitious day of painting and weed killing because we’ve got some furniture that needs painting and weeds that grow way faster than I’d care to admit
Calendars to plan out the day so that I really, truly get some exercise time in
Continuing to explore our little city and learn all the best spots to revisit

With almost one hour to go, this Monday minute view came just in time, but such is the nature of Monday. Heres wishing you a quiet and restful week with allll the outdoor time possible. What’s on your Monday minute view?

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