Our Home for Christmas


Today we decorated our home for Christmas. I’m such an early adopter of seasons so it’s surprising that it’s taken us until December 12th to actually decorate but c’est la vie, especially for 2 IV staff in seminary. This means that these decorations will be staying up longer than is socially acceptable, simply because 12 days is not nearly enough time to soak in their glory. 

This is our first year celebrating Christmas in our new town home, so it felt extra special to deck the halls and decide where all of grandma’s Christmas hand-me-downs would go. What’s funny is that there was literally one spot in our whole place that the Christmas tree would fit, and we had to remove furniture from the room to make it work. 🙂 #fairfaxhomeownershiplifeFTW

While our outdoor lights are not exactly glamorous and a Christmas wreath is still on my to-do list, our house is now one of the brightest on the block and putting these lights up in 70 degree weather was quite the treat. 

We’re so thankful for a cozy home, free Christmas decor and time to rest and enjoy it all. Happy Christmas from our little home, to you and yours. 

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