Our Christmas decor: lots of old, a little new + some DIY

That, my friends, is what our home looks like for Christmas. A smidge of DIY, a whole lot of Grandma’s Christmas hand-me-downs, and some creativity with where Christmas decor can fit in our little home. The stockings are a new addition to this year’s Christmas decor, and since we don’t have a fireplace, I figured the bookshelves […]

Our Home for Christmas

                       Today we decorated our home for Christmas. I’m such an early adopter of seasons so it’s surprising that it’s taken us until December 12th to actually decorate but c’est la vie, especially for 2 IV staff in seminary. This means that these decorations will be staying up longer than is […]

Our Pineapple on a Fence Post

I mentioned in my post here that sea captains would return from sailing the Carribeans and put pineapples on their fence posts outside their homes to let friends know they were back and ready for good food, good stories and great company. Not even one month ago, Matt and I moved into our very own […]