Monday Minute View: the day after daylight savings

Day-light savings is such a two-edged sword. On the one hand, I love the extra hour of sleep. On the other, I’m certainly not a fan of the days getting shorter and the cold weather that seems to go along with it. And for some reason, I always seem to be just a little more […]

Monday Minute View: on Halloween

^^our Halloween costumes–a basketball player and a colonial person (aka the costume my mom made me from the 7th grade that I managed to squeeze into). 😂 Y’all I can hardly believe that today is Halloween and tomorrow will be November 1st. I feel like I blinked and there went October. Tonight was the first […]

Monday Minute View on simplicity + appreciating the little things 

Hello, there. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and much life has happened between now and then. So many things I considered blogging about like when we painted our kitchen, or when I made a t-shirt quilt and remembered how to sew, or the various trips and vacations (like the Blueridge mountain pic above) […]

Monday Minute View: Spring Style

   I realize that when I post something called “Spring style”, the typical blog assumption would be that this post is about clothing. It however, is just about spring, because I’m quite a fan and also because the last time I wrote in said blog it was still winter. I could bore you with how […]