The truth about this not-so-southern diy hostess

 I’m twenty eight, and native to suffolk, virginia.
I married my college-best friend, Matt and we’ve been ‘not-so-newlyweds’ for the past five years.
In October, we had our first son, Aiden Wright, and we are so in love with our little man. (You can read our birth story here.)
Matt and I met at the best place on earth, James Madison University, and it’s safe to say I bleed purple.
We are both followers of Jesus, co-laborers in life and in work as we lead a college ministry together at George Mason University.
My not-so-southern identity crisis stems from living the first eight years of my life in michigan, followed by a wonderful fourteen years in southeastern virginia. Upon marrying Matt, we lived one year in chapel hill for work and then moved to fairfax, where we are here to stay. My influences stem from southern hospitality, though one would be hard pressed to call northern virginia the south, so here’s to being not quite so southern as I’d like to think.
I believe that some people are party throwers while others are party goers. My husband and I are definitely the former. Join us as we navigate life and hospitality here on the Pineapple…and welcome!