A Spring Must-Do List

I’m a list making, task accomplishing, cross it off the list sort of person. I’m also a huge fan of all seasons. Hence this post makes my type A self want to do a happy dance. πŸ™‚ Once we got home from Maui, the snow was pretty much gone for good and we started to see glimpses of warm weather. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I could put my flannel pants to rest since I am an avid double-pants wearer when its cold. Here are a few things on my spring must-do list over the next month:

1. Ring in the season celebrating our Risen Lord–while this is and should be a daily celebration, I feel like Easter and spring itself can get lost in the commercialism of the season focusing on pastels, candy and colored eggs when in actuality this holiday is about new life. Jesus defeated death and has risen, making life beyond this one even possible. Spring’s new vegetation can remind us of this truth that Jesus has brought life from death and it’s available to each of us not just on Easter but every day.

2. Cherry blossom & Japanese street festival–confession: I’ve never been to the DC cherry blossom festival. Next Saturday is not only a festival for the cherry blossoms but also to celebrate Japanese culture. Given my love for Asian food, cooking demonstrations and beautiful foliage, we will most certainly brave the crowds to check this out!

3. Rather than dyeing eggs, make southern deviled eggs–I thought about making several spring crafts lately, but the only ones I find appealing are the ones I can eat. Maybe that should be a warning to me, or maybe that’s my sense of practicality that if I’m going to spend money to make something to celebrate spring, I might as well be able to eat it. Makes sense right? I’ll keep telling myself that.

4. Go for some long walks outside–because it’s getting warmer, I have no excuse to convince myself that I cannot work out because it’s too cold. And walking is a precursor to getting myself back into regular running so this one is now a must.

5. Make fresh spring pasta–now I don’t mean actually make the pasta from scratch. That would be awesome, but I don’t yet have all the necessary kitchen gear for such a task. Rather, Matt and I love pasta and we typically eat heavier pasta dishes with thick marinara sauces or creamy alfredos, so I’d love to try some lightened up spring versions of pasta with seasonal vegetables and sauces. Good for our health and our waistlines. πŸ˜‰

6. Research and decide the herbs and vegetables we want to plant this May–Lord willing, if everything works out with a certain piece of property we have our eye on, we will have our very own tiny plot of land that we can garden on for the first time since we’ve been married! I attempted an herb garden in our home sweet basement last year, and it ended up growing mold and killing all the herbs due to too much moisture in the air. We’ve been trying to buy our food organically and locally whenever possible over the last year, so I’m psyched to try growing our own food.

That’s my spring must-do list! Feel free to join us on some of these adventures or make your own. Whats on your spring must-do list?

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