A Monday Minute View from the Great Lakes

Today’s Monday Minute View began by the Great Lakes–Lake Erie to be exact and is ending in homesweetfairfax. It’s always a weird and long day when you wake up in one part of the country and go to bed in another, but we’re glad to be home. Matt and I just spent the past five days visiting family to see my cousin graduate fom high school. It was a really fun visit, filled with good family time, some shopping and also some fishing. Odd combination it might seem but quite an enjoyable, relaxing trip over all. Now that we’re home, we’re looking forward to warm Virginia weather and the week ahead. So here’s our Monday minute snapshot of the week:

A very happy me upon returning from the airport to find a box of fresh meat and produce delivered to our door thanks to a one week trial of HelloFresh. Goodbyeee grocery shopping!
Gobs of seminary reading since we ignored 5 days of our reading schedule on vacation. Oops!
Odd home improvement jobs because there seems to be a never ending list of them now that we own a home.
The Piano Guys soundtrack on repeat forever and ever, Amen.
Daily exercise as it seems we’re stiilll having a hard time getting into a regular work out routine.
Cleaning our #pineappleonafencepost spotless before Mom & Dad visit for the first time later this week.
Perusing craigslist for patio furniture because we love us some alfresco dining.
Soaking in allll the new shows on Food Network, especially Food Network Star–you really should check it out if you’ve never seen it. ((Sunday’s @ 9pm)) and no I wasn’t paid to plug this 😉
Time by the pool to enjoy make it through the 97 degree days coming up.
Getting into a new work flow now that students are home for the summer & our “office” can alternate between De Clieu Coffee and our home.

Alright friends. It’s been a Monday to say the least & the Food Network is calling my name. ‘Till next time, what are you looking forward to in the week ahead? 

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