A Monday Minute In the New Year 

The first Monday of the new year brings with it a lot of anticipated joy in the things ahead, a bit of anxiety over work piled up from days not spent in the office and a fervor to begin anew…with food, sleep, exercise, basically all the things. 

Now is the time for New Years resolutions and I don’t really make those but I would say that my weekly ambitions are probably more healthy than normal. So, here’s a few things were looking forward to in the week ahead:

Chia seeds-my new favorite breakfast food because they happen to be a super food that tastes like dessert. #winning

Time to be still-after a week at #Urbana15, my heart and head are full with thoughts, sermons and Scripture and I’m excited to take some time to be quiet and process.

Healthy-Home cooked meals-because after holiday food plus Urbana fast food, we are in need of some healthy around these parts.

Fairfax-holidays and conferences have kept us away from our beloved neighborhood, restaurants and community. It’s high time we were back.

Grocery shopping-it’s been about 3 weeks at this point since I have stepped into a Whole Foods with an ingredient list in hand and I’m quite ready for that to change.

Getting the mail-I absolutely love getting actual mail, so I’m psyched to rifle through piles of it that we have accumulated.

Lifting weights-Matt has me dead-lifting and squatting these days and I figure if my body is this sore after, it must be good for me.

That Christmas glow-our Christmas lights went up mid-December and we plan to keep them up for at least the next few weeks so as to get the full enjoyment effect.

Purposeful Reading-because all of the Christmas and Fall TV specials are over and it’s time that my resting was a bit more intentional. Annnd seminary reading is a real thing, I’m learning. 😉

Seeing our friends and celebrating birthdays this weekend.

10 things. Pretty simple things actually. And I’m excited to delve into the simplicity of the new year after all the holiday buzz. It’s the times of simplicity where we dial things back that we remember how truly unique and special it is to celebrate.

What are you looking forward to this week?

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