A Fall Must-Do List


The first time I posted this Fall Must Do List, it was September 1st and it had taken all of my willpower not to post it sooner. To be honest, I start dreaming of fall activities during August when it’s still sweltering outside, so waiting until September 1st felt like quite the accomplishment. I love Fall. I love the weather getting a little cooler, the crunch and color of autumn leaves, the scent of bonfires and apples, and most importantly the flavors of pumpkin, pumpkin and pumpkin.

Now we all know the typical Fall Must-Do lists. Theres tons of them on Pinterest and they typically include things like: make fall pies, go to a corn maize or a hay ride, and of course, pumpkin spice everything. I’m going to go ahead and say, consider all of those a given–sort of the “duhs” of fall. I’m going to list 10 fall must-dos that have been McCrory staples in our household from September-November, and I hope they will become staples in yours as well. **And because this is an updated post, I’m going to give you a bonus must-do that has been added to our list since the first time this post aired! 

A Fall Must-Do List

1. Go apple picking. ((and then use said apples to make all the apple pies–consider your go-to recipe found here)) Of course, the point of apple picking is to get apples, but it’s really all about the experience. It’s so much more fun to get your apples by picking them off of a tree yourself, while surrounded by loved ones, in the crisp weather, wearing your favorite fall sweater. We love Carter Mountain in Charlottesville, because of the beautiful scenery/experience and also because of must-do #2.

2. Eat your fill of Apple cider donuts. Particularly, from Carter Mountain. So while you’re Apple picking, do yourself a favor and buy a 12 pack of hot apple cider donuts. These are melt in your mouth good and you will not be disappointed.

3. Make an apple cider cocktail. We especially love this apple cider margherita from Fabtastic Eats. I’m all about finding new uses for Apple cider and this one is a must-try.

4. Carve a pumpkin. Whether you want to carve a face or a special design, or would rather carve a pumpkin into a Mums holder like this one, carving pumpkins is just a fall rite of passage. Trust me, your inner ten year old will say thank you.

5. Take a bike ride or a long walk to soak in all the fall colors. My husband and I love walks outside. They’re the perfect time to unwind, catch up, say hello to neighbors and appreciate nature and all the ways our neighbors decorate for fall. No shame in finding new inspiration from surrounding homes! PSA: If you’re looking for insta Fall home inspiration, check out the hashtag #shutthefrontporch. You won’t be disappointed! 

6. Decorate with all the fall foliage. While you’re on that walk, collect some acorns and some brightly colored leaves. I’m serious, some of the best decor is natural and (heyyy) free! I’m all about some free ways to decorate and believe in the power of glass bowls and jars to display that natural beauty.

7. Light a fall spiced candle and cozy up with a good book or magazine. I’m such a sucker for Yankee Candle. They have this scent called Spiced Pumpkin that is my absolute favorite. The good news is that they often go on sale so wait until there’s a deal.

8. Watch the 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family. While you’re cozied up with that candle, tune into the seasonal movies on TV. I must say, I don’t like scary movies. As in my threshold for scary is Harry Potter. But ABC Family plays some classics come mid-October that always put me in the fall mood ((not that I need it buuuuut)) πŸ˜‰

9. Go to or host a bonfire. Fall is THE time to host or attend a bonfire. Bring out that flannel, some s’mores and some good friends and you are all set for the perfect evening.

10. Watch some football and make/eat tailgating food. We’re partial to the Redskins but only because my husband has been a forever fan. We’re not exactly hopeful for this season but we’ll be good fans and stick it out with them. These buffalo lollipops are the perfect tailgating food and ease the pain of watching the game πŸ˜‰ though here’s to hoping we won’t need them quite as badly this season.

BONUS Must Do. #11. Make something PUMPKIN to eat. If you’re looking for sweet, I’ll be posting a pumpkin-snickerdoodle recipe soon so be on the lookout! If you’re looking for savory, this pumpkin apple soup with bacon compote is out of this world. Seriously. I have made this soup twice in the past month for Matt and I to eat for lunches and each time I feel like I am eating Fall in a bowl. 

So there’s your 10 11 fall must-dos. Here’s to savoring every moment of the season! 

What’s on your fall must-do list?

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