Who is the Every Mom?

Who is the Every Mom? Do I know her? Is it her with the picture perfect nursery? Or she with the styled maternity shoot? Maybe it’s the one who’s day to day looks like a family magazine or who’s children only ever wear white.  It’s easy to compare what you see in social media or on […]

How to Have a Natural Pregnancy + Childbirth

  Let me start off by saying that the Everything Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s will not help you to have a natural pregnancy even though it is pictured above. 😉 It just so happens to be the only pregnancy craving I had and four months post-partum, it is still going strong. 😂 Let me […]

On the Night You Were Born

There’s this book that we got from some of our sweet friends, Kyle + Joanna, called On the Night You Were Born. We read it to Aiden regularly before bed and I just love the theme of the book–that all the stars and creation celebrated on the night of baby’s birth. A birth story is such […]

Mama Reads: A Reading Guide for Expecting Mamas Updated

A Reading Guide for Expecting Mamas. Everything from pregnancy, labor/delivery to breastfeeding, newborn care and parenting philosophy.